Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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220 Andrews Street   

   The original artwork at this location was at the base of the building on the North (photo 4) and east sides, at the bottom. Photo 4 was taken in 2002 but the artwork had existed prior to that year.

In 2004, the Andrews Street Family Centre underwent a transformation of their east wall from boarded up windows to beautiful Murals.

Artists were Aboriginal Head Start Kids, Pritchard Place Drop-In Youth and Andrews Family Centre Adults. The Project Coordinator was Caili Woodyard. Sponsorship was by the Aboriginal Head Start Program.

2011 update: the larger panel on the left (see also Photo 2) was removed at some point in 2011.

By 2021 none of the remaining artwork was left. The window panels were replaced and the base of the building was repainted with graffiti writing signage.
Original notes follow:===

Caili Woodyard (Community Arts Worker, ASFC): "When I started as a volunteer here, we got together with some of the staff to discuss what our dreams were for this place and what were some of the things we wanted to accomplish. Doing Murals on those boarded-up windows was one of those ideas. Those windows have been boarded-up for years and long before I came here."

"There are three Murals here. One was done by the adults; one by the Pritchard Place Drop-in Centre and one by the children and their parents at the Head Start Program. With all of these Murals we had a brainstorming process where the people involved and the staff here at the centre gave their ideas, and we brought those ideas together. Over the summer we had people working on them. The youth did theirs in one evening flat and they did an amazing job."

Dilly Knol: (Executive Director, ASFC): "The Mural on the left was done by the adults at the Centre. One of the plans was to do a picture looking in at the drop-in- you see the people sitting around at the centre. The other idea was to have an indication of the programs that we offer. The Mural in the middle was done by the Pritchard Place program- that's kids six to 17. They created it and they designed it. It's all in blocks because kids did certain blocks and they assembled it all together so that it looks like a real picture. It's wonderful and looks great. The Mural on the right was done by the children and their parents at the Aboriginal Head Start Program. These are covering up boarded-up windows. It's giving the building such a beautiful look now. I'm so excited because people are going to be proud for many years, walking by, being proud of the work they've done."

Caili: "Over the summer we brainstormed with the adults first and we ended up putting some of those ideas and sketches together into the Mural. While we were brainstorming, we used your Murals site to show other Murals around the city and that was really helpful."

"We did the adult Mural first. There were many different people involved with them. The border of the Mural shows the resources offered here. All of the Murals were done on plywood and then mounted after they were finished (the morning of the unveiling, actually!). We worked on the artwork outside wherever possible and when the weather would permit it. It was largely the same process for the youth. They each got one square and tried to draw their part of the picture: sketching it out and matching and lining everything up and then we put all together. Then they each have the square back and got to paint them. I did the black outline of the images but they did all of the colour."

"The parents of the Head Start kids gave me a lot of ideas and then I narrowed it down to six sketches which I showed to the parents and then they themselves decided which one they wanted. I'm just thrilled with the final result!"

The Murals were unveiled to the public on November 5, 2004.

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