Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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130 Osborne Street (2)   

   These pieces for Stradbrook Chiropractic were rendered and installed in 2004 by Mandy van Leeuwen & Michel St Hilaire. Sponsorship was by Take Pride Winnipeg, Osborne Village BIZ, Manitoba Chiropractic Association, Mattress Source, Chirotec, and DC Max Systems.

The artwork was removed in 2021 when the clinic moved out and relocated in a mall in another part of the city.
Original notes follow:

Dr. Brian McWhirter (Stradbrook Chiropractic Clinic): "We decided in 2004 to move our clinic from around the corner to the old Genesis Books location. The previous Mural (see 130 Osborne in the RIP section of this website) was in brutal shape. I think the artist did a good job, although I couldn't understand the Mural. Unfortunately, it was graffitied over repeatedly and had weathered due to the poor brick quality. It had to come down. Besides, anything that seems to be new age or have demonic references (perceived or otherwise) is really unpalatable to me as a Christian."

"I had a great time doing this project. I have the drawing skills of a drunk ant, so it was great to have the talents of the artists to do this project."

Mandy van Leeuwen (Artist): "The middle panel (photo 3) features Dr. Obie Bailey, a chiropractor who was instrumental in bringing chiropractic care being covered under Manitoba Healthcare. The inclusion of chiropractic in Medicare in 1969 was controversial, supported by many, resisted by some. It was the culmination of decades of work by chiropractors and their friends. The final key was the respect and trust premier Duff Roblin had for his minister of Labour, Obie Bailey. Michel and I actually did that portrait together. It was quite fun."

"The face at the left on this panel was a kind of happy coincidence the way it turned out. I projected the face very quickly onto the surface and then put the boards on their sides and left them out that night. The rain came and touched the paint just enough to cause the paint to run. We loved the effect it produced!"

"A lot of the imagery was inspired by old textbooks, and features equipment that was used at the time. The panel at the left (photo 2) represents the office of Dr. Daniel David Palmer, who was the Father of the science of Chiropractic."

The panel on the right (photo 4) shows the Chiropractic emblem in the center. Below it are graduates from the Chiropractic school; and in the background are various campuses of schools of Chiropractic.

Brian: "The float mount is to my knowledge unique to Winnipeg. What a job that was. I can actually do carpentry, but had quite a time mounting the frames onto the walls. Mandy painted the murals in her backyard and we screwed them onto the frames later."

"One day while up on a ladder, struggling to get the wood on the brick, an elder gentleman walked by and told me I was doing it wrong. Amused (I thought he was a street person), I asked if he thought he could do better. This guy climbed the ladder like a mountain goat and drilled the hole in about 4 seconds. Since I had been struggling for about an hour with the same task I hired him to help me and he's been doing carpentry for me ever since, as I own rental properties."

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