Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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Main Street at Higgins underpass (9)   

This photo shows the original state of the wall. This Mural was one of 15 Murals rendered in 1996 that adorned the Main/Higgins underpass. The artwork for this piece was by Debbie Kessler. Sponsorship was by Cantel, Unisource, Winnipeg Aboriginal Management Board, Pallister Furniture, Wyatt Rentals, Take Pride Winnipeg, Amercoat Canada and General Paint. The Project Manager was Jacques St. Goddard. This photo shows the original state of the wall.

In 2008 they were ALL painted over. In 2017 following extensive refurbishing of this underpass, the walls were sandblasted prior to being painted white. In the sandblasting process this original piece was uncovered and the decision was made to preserve it. A press query at the time requested information on this 'discovered' piece and we were very pleased to be able to supply this information and to also resurrect this piece from our RIP section.

In 2021 the white walls on both sides of the underpass became inundated by unwanted graffiti vandalism. Though technically Kessler's original piece is still visible it is very badly disrespected with numerous tags and low quality graffiti, so we moved this piece to the RIP section for the second and last time. Some time after this, the entire surface of both sides of the underpass were completely whitewashed with new paint; so all artwork and tags have now been covered.