Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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618 Broadway (2)   

"Art City Parade and Breath of the Dragon". This was the site of Art City's first ever outdoor Mural in 1997. (see 618 Broadway(1)). It was completely redone in 2003 with a new, bright and appealing design seen here. It was painted over in summer of 2005 with another new Mural (see 618 Broadway (3)).

Original notes follow:

Talia Potash (Art City): "Each summer we bring in an artist to do a one-week workshop with the kids. Trisha Tripp decided she was going to do a Mural workshop. She decided to brainstorm with the kids as to what the theme of the Mural would be and what the colours would be. A couple of days were spent just drawing designs and thinking about composition on the wall."

"We actually came across some problems with this wall that postponed everything. It had been graffiti coated from the previous Mural and that would make it really difficult to paint on top of it. Since we wanted to do a proper job, we had to work to find a solution as to how to get off the graffiti coat in order for this new Mural to be able to stay on the wall. So the project took a lot longer than we anticipated. Trisha was just here for the week, and she managed to get the outline done, and then we worked with the kids for quite a while longer filling in her outline and adding detail."

"The theme of this Mural was the Art City parade. Every year (in July), Art City has an annual parade, BBQ and powwow. This event has been growing and growing, and last year we had over 500 people come and walk through the neighbourhood in this huge parade celebrating community art. The kids work all month with an artist in residence to prepare for the parade. They make full-size puppets, different types of sculpture, costumes, musical instruments and all sorts of things. The theme changes from year-to- year."

"The kids decided they wanted a dragon, because last year we had created a beautiful Asian looking dragon for the parade that the kids made. That's where the dragon came from. The dancers were inspired by the powwow; and we did a combination with more of the traditional aboriginal outfit on the left figure with the woman on the right wearing street clothes. The kids worked mostly on the bottom quarter because we didn't want kids on ladders! It gave them the opportunity to work and stand up. It was the 'breath of the dragon' and the kids were allowed to come up with anything that would come out of the breath of the dragon. And they're all kinds of magical things that came out of the kids' minds and onto the wall. There are all kinds of wild and crazy things on there! We ended up putting some glittery sparkle paint on there too."

"I love the colours of this Mural, and that's what draws me to it. The Mural that's now resting in peace was a nice Mural in its time but had become faded and old and really needed to be redone. And these colours you can see from blocks away. It was hot while we were there. We had to be sure the kids were drinking enough water. But it was fun and a real community bonding experience."