Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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34 MacDonald Avenue (1)   

   This unsigned 2004 rendering was by Julia Wake; with sponsorship by Graffiti Arts Programming, Canada Council for the Arts, Rona Home and Garden and terminus1525.ca. The installation was removed in 2017.Original notes follow:

This piece was rendered by Julia Wake, who, at the time of this project was completing a yearlong student program at the Gallery's Urban Canvas Project. She wanted to choose a scene which she felt would be appropriate for that area, and chose this one. She used a limited colour palette, and used photo references to help capture a realistic look and feel to the scene. She added the hydro poles and wires later, so that it would be 'less horizontal' and fill out the top half of the scene. This was a bigger scale canvas than she normally does; and she's not sure if she likes it as much as some of her smaller pieces.

Steve Wilson (Graffiti Gallery): "This is part of our 'Murals in Motion' series; a series of Murals on plywood that we can move around the neighbourhood. There are 8 Murals in all- all to be installed in the neighbourhood of Point Douglas. A group called Inner City Renovations is installing all the Murals for us. It's also a partnership with local businesses: They've each agreed to host a Mural; and they all approved all of the sketches in advance as being OK to host it on their wall. The theme of this project was art for art's sake. We weren't going to be painting fruit for the fruit market, trucks for the trucking company. It would be what the artist wanted to paint. There was a series of meetings with the business owners. Each business owner approved each of the 8 sketches and agreed that any one of the 8 would be fine on their wall."