Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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1819 Portage Avenue (2)   

   Annie Bergen's 2008 revitalization of a former Mural at this site by Blue Sky Designs from 1994. Sponsorship was by St. James BIZ and Take Pride Winnipeg. It was painted over in 2017 when the store moved out of the property.
Original notes follow:===

Annie Bergen: "This wall was originally painted 15 years ago by Blue Sky Designs. Over the years, the Mural started to fade and peel pretty badly. So, St. James Village BIZ and Nature's Nutrition's Gale Hickey asked if I would restore the Mural. I was pretty much given open reign to do what I wanted with the wall - as long as it was consistent with the theme. I decided to more or less stay true to the original composition, but to make it my own through my brushwork and blending of colours, by adding details, and by shifting the perspective a little."

"The Bonsai tree represents the early years of Nature's Nutrition, when Bonsais were sold and cultivated. I also changed the log in the foreground to morph into a giant hand cupping flowing water trickling into the river. To me, this represents the hand of Mother Earth constantly and selflessly giving of her beauty and resources. I chose also to paint a faerie in a flowing gown, fading into flowers. She sits in quiet contemplation and awe of her beautiful surroundings."

"I had a lot of fun painting this Mural! I love painting lush, idyllic scenes of nature. I hoped to evoke the feeling of peace and tranquility one finds when leaving the city to spend some sacred time in nature. I wanted people to feel as though they could step right into the scene and take a nap by the river."

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