Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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175 Mayfair Avenue   

   This beautiful wall was rendered by Cody Starr in 2007 for McDonald Youth Services, with sponsorship by Assiniboine Credit Union. The building was demolished in March 2016 to clear the way for a bigger better structure at this site. Original notes follow:
Erma Chapman (Executive Director, Macdonald Youth Services): "We had problems with graffiti on this wall. Every time we covered it up it was like putting a new sheet of paper on the easel for somebody else to come along and do something. It was taking our time, and our cost of whitewashing; so we believed that a piece of aboriginal art would be appropriate for the building, and minimize the graffiti that was happening. I called Steve (Wilson) at Graffiti Art. We were looking for someone who already had a relationship with Macdonald Youth Services. That was Cody."

"It took him 2 or 3 weeks, between sketching out the different colours and layers on it. This was started in the Spring when it was colder and there were days of rain; so it took him a bit longer because of the weather. He watched the kids and the circle of life that happens here; and from that developed his vision for that wall. What he saw here influenced what he drew on the wall. Cody needed to be able to feel it as well as paint it. (Reading) 'It represents the synergy of Man and Nature throughout the earth's seemingly endless cycle of life.' Those are Cody's own words to describe his piece."

"We feel it's something that can contribute to the community. It's a Mural of hope- of looking more into the future than the past. Winnipeg has lots of historical Murals- this is more contemporary."

"The Mural for me is personally very rewarding. I have a busy job and many problems here end up on my desk! I find being able to go out and spend a bit of time gazing at the Mural takes me to a different place; and brings back the focus, the hope and the optimism. Whatever storm it is can be weathered. The Murals makes this place a place of more peace."

For more information on Macdonald Youth Services, visit their website at http://www.mys.ca/