Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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1100 Main Street   

   This homage to the Winnipeg landmark and icon that has been Kelekis Restaurant was rendered in 1998 by Al Senkiw of AES Signs (unsigned). In 2014 the restaurant had closed forever and the building was repainted. Original notes follow:

This Mural is based on the original artwork of John Tutura's beautiful rendering inside the restaurant that captures a visual history of the Kelekis family. The indoor Mural was completed in 1977, and still adorns the dining room area of the restaurant today.

The Kelekis family has a long tradition in the city of Winnipeg. Chris and Magdalene Kelekis immigrated to Canada in 1913 and subsequently settled in Winnipeg in 1918 after living in Montral and briefly in Edmonton. Chris and Magdalene's family was very important to them and their children (Chryse, Fotina, Sophie, Evelyn, Isabel, Mary, Leo and Becky ) were integral to their success in business.

Chris began his business in the food industry with a pushcart from which he sold popcorn and peanuts. In the 1920s he owned and operated various fruit and confectionary stores in the West End of the city.

In the 1930s he redeveloped a Model T Ford into a wagon and with his daughters' help they covered many outdoor events in Winnipeg such as sporting events and fairs. From this wagon, he developed others; and "Kelekis Chips" became a fixture in the city wherever there was activity.

The 1940s brought the opening of his two restaurants: the first at Main near Selkirk and then the present location at Main and Redwood. Chris was one of the first restaurant people to feature 'take out' food in Winnipeg and it was an instant success.

In 1955, he saw the realization of his long time dream to expand the Main and Redwood location where his proud traditions of quality, value and service has been upheld by his family. Kelekis remains one of those rare unique experiences one can only have in Winnipeg. People still return to have that hot dog, hamburger or 'chips' they dream about in faraway locations.