Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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906 Sargent Avenue   

This Mural, 'Turkey' was rendered by Signs & Wonders in 2001, with sponsorship by the West End BIZ and Winnipeg Development Agreement. It had been installed and had made its debut on another building (519 Ellice Avenue) in 2001; but in 2008 when the building ownership changed, the new owner had different plans for the wall and the Mural installation was removed. In 2009 the Mural was resurrected to a new location at 906 Sargent, first on the East wall, and then its 'final' home on the West facing side as shown in this photo. By 2014 the Mural was deemed by the West End BIZ to be in terrible shape and not repairable and was replaced with a brand new Mural in late September of 2014 (see Murals section, this address). Original notes follow:

This Mural represents Turkey. On the left is a woman in traditional Islamic dress, seeing as Islam is the most practiced religion. Islam means 'submission to God'. Featured beside her is an example of beautiful Turkish architecture, perhaps an Islamic temple. Then, two large camels, important to Turkey because of their use along the "Silk Road", an old international trade route where valuables were exchanged all the way to China. Above, the national flag rustling is in the wind. Turkish people call their flag 'ay yildiz' (moon star). It used to be a crescent on a green field, but was changed to red in 1793 because of the bloodshed during battles of independence. Red has been prominent in Turkish flags for 700 years. The star was added in 1844 to honour the Virgin Mary. Nowadays, this crescent and star are regarded as Muslim symbols. Also depicted is a very well bearded, traditional, Turkish gentleman.

Source: West End BIZ Mural Tour notes

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