Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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971 Main Street   

   This scene was painted by Michele Farber-Olafson and Lloyd Olafson in 2002, with funding by Take Pride Winnipeg. The Mural deteriorated over time with some of the panels coming off; and was moved to the RIP section in 2013. Original notes follow: ===
Michele Farber-Olafson: It was to have been a beautiful colourful prairie background with a large ox cart and with settlers walking along side it in the foreground. On the left hand side was to be a background fence with colourful wild flowers and on the right background was to be their farmstead. The owner said she loved it and approved it. On the day we arrived to paint, we were called down from the scaffolding by the owner who said she felt that it was no longer appropriate for a business. All she wanted was sky and grass, the few flowers and small trees that were already there she very reluctantly agreed to as long as they were vaguely there she said. Well, needless to say we were quite disappointed as we were not able to show the scope of our abilities. It still bothers us every time we pass by it as we feel it looks incomplete, we just wanna jump up there and finish it! It was our first exterior mural for the city and as I said it doesn't show our artistic capabilities, we're still hoping to do another one for the city to help beautify a wall and show our talent!

Lloyd Olafson: The conditions were very hot for painting. It was 90 degrees everyday and the paint would dry practically as soon as it hit the brush. I was very impressed with how much street life there was, the whole area is just thriving with activity; and I saw how much of a community spirit there was there!