Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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206 Maryland Street   

   The artwork for this wall was rendered in 1999 by Mike Valcourt and Dwayne Ball. Sponsorship was by Take Pride Winnipeg, Glidden Paint, and Altered States Scaffolding. The Mural was completely redone and completed with a new Mural in 2012.

Original notes on 1999 project:

Mike Valcourt: "Dwayne Ball was the lead artist. Dwayne had come by to give me a hand on the Legion Mural (see 1755 Portage in RIP section); and then he invited me to help him with this one. The scene is a mosque and an open market. These people are from different places and ethnic backgrounds, as evidenced by their attire. The tough part of this was incorporating it all into one Mural and making it all work together. Dwayne and I had artistic differences on this wall. I'm more happy and satisfied with the things I've done on this wall than what Dwayne did."

"I painted several of the figures on this wall. I painted the shopkeeper (left center) just sitting there thumbing his beads and watching the customers. The figure in the foreground holding the mirror was also my idea. I painted him pretty much lifesize, and he's holding the mirror at such an angle that the top of his headwear is visible through the reflection in the mirror. In this male-dominated environment, I only included one woman in the scene."

"It was cold, late September. It was rainy, and we had to tarp up the scaffolding so we wouldn't get wet. We had heaters inside the tarp to keep things warm. The store owner was very nice, and the driving force behind the idea of the Mural. He was concerned about the authenticity of everything; so he kept us on our toes and was out every day talking to us. He also provided us with a couple of excellent photo references. I had this (authenticity) in mind when it was painting the figures- their attire, and even their body posturing. The scene itself, though, was taken straight from Dwayne's imagination with a bit of input from me."

"I like this Mural because this is the first wall I painted people to actually look like people. Instead of just skin tones I used browns, highlights and shadows. I really got into it and I enjoyed it. Most people seem to know this Mural; it's in a highly visible spot and is bright and vibrant. That's how people comment on it to me and how they are drawn to it. We made the windows disappear! You hardly notice them at all with the two columns up there."

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