Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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71 Elsbury Bay   

This mosaic Mural was rendered by Yisa Akinbolaji in 2007. It was replaced in 2010 with a new Mural.

Original notes follow

'Peace and Purpose'

This 10,080 piece glass tile mosaic was unveiled on July 5, 2007. The mosaic measures 16 feet by 3.2 feet and contains 42 different colours of the tiny glass tiles.

Yisa Akinbolaji: "We've seen many times people stop in front of our house to look at the mosaic. I remember one of my neighbours saying to me that they can now sit down in their living room and look through their window and enjoy the beautiful colours of the mosaic. It's my small way of sharing my talent with the community. We want to give pleasure to children and to people in the neighbourhood. And it communicates to us about harmony. Mosaic making involves bringing together tiles of different sizes and of different colours. It's like a metaphor for Winnipeg: the different kinds of colours, cultures and nationalities, and that we can all celebrate together. And if we look at each person individually, we may not appreciate one another as much as when we look at all of us together as one. This is also true when viewing a mosaic."

"At the left is a star within a dark area. I am sending the message that darkness is not a threat to humanity. Without darkness we would not enjoy the light- the shiny stars. What we do in darkness can be positive. This whole mosaic has a positive message."

"One of the elements is the Chinese Symbol of Prosperity. One visitor to the mosaic who was of Asian descent recognized the symbol immediately. Next to it is a sign of a ladder. The bottom part of the ladder is narrower, suggesting distance from it. We are higher up on the ladder. We are not at the bottom but at a better place. It's all positive."

"Next to it at the centre of the picture (featured in red) is an impression of bountifulness: there is fruit in a basket, next to the dove. I've also superimposed on the basket images of fishes of various sizes. You need to be standing further away to see them. Just in front of the dove you can see an image of a woman playing the flute. The woman has a red headdress."

For more information on this mosaic and the artist, visit Yisa Akinbolaji's website here.