Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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270 Carpathia Road   

This artwork was rendered by Dennis and Diane Bell (both unsigned) and featured the reproduced work of Carpathia School Students. The project took place and was completed in 2003,at the T. R. Hodgeson Pool; with funding by Take Pride Winnipeg. The building was repainted in 2010; with neweer simpler artwork by the students. Shown here is the South and West walls.

Original notes follow:

Dennis Bell: "Diane and I would go to this site around 3:30 each day and paint until sundown. For this project it was not my own artwork; instead I was putting up the designs of the students at Carpathia School. The kids did drawings for each of the four seasons. I think there might have been some sort of other theme though, as I noticed a lot of the trees had a knothole with an owl or something. It's possible that some of the figures in their artwork reflected things that were being discussed in the classroom."

"With so many figures on each page there was a lot of drawing to do. Plus, the students' four drawings were all the same size, and at least two of the walls were considerably longer and there was some adjusting to get that and spread it out. A lot of times what the kids did was to colour and paint a tree and through the branches you would see blue sky- it was a cut out. I wanted to be true to their original work so that's why it looks that way. A lot of the clouds would just have a band of blue around them. That's how they were done on the page."

"There was this dog that would come and visit the kids at recess, and one of the kids drew this dog into the summer scene (photo 3). Later, the dog actually came and visited the wall and saw his portrait on the wall! The rabbit in the winter scene (photo 5) I really like; perhaps someday I could use him in a logo or something, I think he's tremendous!"

Originally the school students were going to come out and assist on the wall. Scheduling conflicts with other field trips for the children prevented this from happening. After the artwork was complete, Dennis and Diane went to the school over the next three days and arranged for the children to come out long enough to dip their hands in paint and put their handprints on the wall. Dennis: "To me, that was really exciting that they played and contributed this tactile part to it."

The walls were rendered in the same order they are shown here on the website: Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall. I asked Dennis how he felt about the task of rendering and reproducing artwork of children rather than his own art. "I really enjoyed it. I think if you practice art long enough, I think a part of you wants to revert back to childlike drawings. Many times I'll use my unnatural hand just to get that clumsiness or spontaneity if that's the look I'm going for."

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