Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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Wellington Crescent & St. James Bridge (1)   

This Mural was rendered by Paul Ullrich and Students of Kelvin High in 1996, with sponsorship by BFI Waste Services and Take Pride Winnipeg. The painters were Stephanie Philips, Kevin Doerkson, Krystyna Szodkowska, Jennifer Reynolds, Jennifer Riddell, Lisa Waite, Jessie Cooke, Louise Galvin, Suzie Smith, Merlindo Sevillo, and Daniella Lagglia. The Mural was painted over in July of 2010 and a new Mural replaced it.

Original notes follow:

Paul Ullrich: "That first one I did was this Zoo Mural under Route 90 with students from Kelvin High. That took a week it was a really fast job. I really liked it. It was the middle of an election year and the mayor at that time, Susan Thompson even showed up as part of the campaign and painted a line on the Mural and the press were there!"

"I went out to the wall and did all the measurements and inspected the condition of the wall and then I went home with the measurements and sketched out to the design, coloured it and then took it to Take Pride Winnipeg."

"That was one of the few ones that had a big black outline and I rather liked the look. I don't really consider myself a painter despite six years of art school training. This I very much liked doing because I was working with solid colours and an outline. Because I come from a printing and publishing background, that's the way I did it! This first one was a little rough because I had never worked with students before. I didn't know how to draw on the wall or what to use (for the outline). I tried using chalk and that was an absolute disaster. Not only did it not cling to the wall, but didn't react to the paint very well. I tried to grease pencils and they were even worse because of the grease! I tried charcoal and nothing was working. Finally out of desperation and because I didn't have anything else, I tried an ordinary HB pencil and that worked the best!"

"That mural I drew freehand. With the students, I used pretty much a paint by number approach, except I used letters instead of numbers to mark the sections indicating what colour they were to be. I had them first draw the black outline and then paint within the black outline. At the end of the day after the students left I would correct any mistakes that they made and smooth out the edges of the black outline."

"But it was the fast job and completed in a week. They liked it so much I even got paid a little bonus!"