Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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710 Notre Dame Avenue   

This Japan-themed Mural was rendered by David Carty in 1999, with sponsorship by the West End BIZ. The Mural was damaged by fire in 2009; and was lost in June of 2010 when it was painted over for a new Mural at this location.

Original notes follow:

April 8, 1999, Dave Carty: "Starting from the left of the maquette the Mural design for Japanese cultural begins with the depiction of the traditional religions. The Torii Gate is the doorway into the Mural and is also a significant entrance to a Shinto shrine on mainland Japan. Two Shinto priests further enhance the importance of the Shinto religion, the only homegrown religion of Japan. The other main traditional religion of Japan, Buddhism, is illustrated by the 40 ft cast bronze statue of the Great Buddha. Below is a young schoolgirl practicing a form of calligraphy closely linked to Zen Buddhism. Buddhism originated in India and found its way to Japan via China many centuries ago. Today these two religions still flourish in Japan."

"The colourful sunset in the background was borrowed from an early Japanese art form, silk painting. I believe this lends itself well to the overall look of the Mural. The central portion of the picture tells a story of the Geisha girl, her duties and the event of pouring tea. Above the Geisha is a taiko drummer beside sumo wrestlers, a formidable sport in Japan. Below this is a representation of the martial arts, Kendo. A particular method of self-defence and sword fighting. A small rock garden is shown here as this is very indicative of Japanese art, culture and way of life. In the background is Mt. Fuji, Japan's highest peak and popular tourist attraction."

"At present the door is undecided as to colour but I think some Japanese calligraphy with some significance placed here would enhance the Mural. I have decided not to continue the Mural throughout the door because the wall and door are made of different materials and feel they would not weather the same."

"To the immediate right of the door is a fish pond. This is an adjunct to the style and use of rock gardens throughout Japan. The rock gardens of North America originated from Japan. The pond then fades into a rice patty. The people of Japan produce a lot of rice and grow most of their own crops in Japan itself."

"Today Japan is a top producer of high tech equipment and enjoys a strong economy. Tokyo, at the top right, with its bullet train and 21st Century buildings show a nation so small in size yet so big on the world stage."