Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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1031 Autumnwood Drive   

This Mural was created in 1997 right after the Flood of the Century by Dale Ksionzyk, with sponsorship by Hilton Homes. It was part of a Boys and Girls Club project. The pauinters were: D. Berezuk, B. MacLaren, P. Buechler, V. Marriner, Posh & Yo; S. Bunn, L. Diaz, M. Frost, M. Funk, R. Gameiro, G. Gossling, D. Lai, G. Guenther, K. Hordienko, K. Peters, M. Sosiak, P. Turenne, S. Tarrant, H. Vincent, S. Wolfe, D. Elias.
The artwork was deteriorating and was painted over in 2009.