Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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84 Hespeler Avenue   

This rendering for Just the Perfect Place Florist was done in 2000 by Tom Andrich. It was lost in 2009 when the entire building was repainted.

Original notes follow:

Tom Andrich: Arlene (the owner) and I were talking. I have some of my artwork in there. They (Arlene and husband) were talking about having a Mural there but there was an old house, a building right next to her wall. We'd been talking about what she'd need for advertising that kind of thing for this wall, so as soon as the building came down it opened up the wall!

I received no money for this, weve been trading in flowers: she's really nice anyway and she's been giving me flowers for my classes and also for my wife. I asked her for some pictures of some flowers she wanted on the wall. She warned me that it was only going to be up there temporarily because her husband was going to stucco the wall. So I said OK fine, Ill just do a quick job on there.

By the time I got around to painting her wall, it was snowing. There was snow on the ground and I ended up doing it in the freezing rain. I sketched it out on the wall; then it started to snow and started getting cold. So I thought I'm not going to worry about it, Jim is going to be redoing the wall soon anyway. It started raining and snowing and my green paint was running! I just let it dry. The next time I got up there it was snowing. I was trying to fix up where it ran plus I wanted to fix up the rose- I didn't like the rose, and wanted to expand this foliage. My brushes were freezing up in the so cold and paint was warm; I made sure the paint was warm but after short time my brush just wouldn't work right it would just bend. I didn't quit working until I got enough of the foliage done that I was all right leaving it for the winter. In the spring I went back to touch things up and absolutely none of it had peeled off or anything. What I think might have happened is since it was raining that it ended up being like a fresco. With a fresco you're painting on fresh plaster so your pigment gets embedded right into the plaster. But with this one the wall was damp and I think my paint was going right into the stucco. It must have been porous enough so the paint wasnt just sitting on the top. The drain gutter wasnt there originally, its been added since.