Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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500 Sargent Avenue   

   This rendering for Soap Opera Laundry was done in 2003 by Cyrus Smith and Sean Morin, with assistance of the West End BIZ. Although it was well received by the neighbourhood, it was never quite what the client had in mind, and was consequently painted over with a new Mural in 2009 (see Murals section, same address).

Original notes follow:

   This Mural is representative of community and was done in 2003 by Cyrus Smith and Shaun Morin. It is a mandala depicting the journey to a communal center. The outer rim is blue and represents sky or clear air. The second ring is a wall covered in bright blocks. This can be interpreted as building blocks that hold together the community. Or again, personal blocks that must be surpassed and understood so to become doorways into the views of each other. Or again, they may be windows from the outside looking in.

The third ring consists of windows, representative of people's different views of the outside. So, from the inside looking out, it's more detailed and introspective. The circle of water may symbolize the source of life, which sustains all of nature, as it cleanses and guides us through our path. Within the next ring are diverse types of trees, found in the parks and alongside the streets in the West End to acknowledge the value of nature within the community. Within the next ring are the houses, duplexes and apartments as well as other dwelling types - homes of the people. At the center of the mural are the artists' interpretations of the people, of which are at the heart of the community and you can see the ethnicity that is present. They are painted different colours to represent the many different cultures of the community in their evolving consciousness into this communal center where we can live, work and play together.

Source: West End BIZ Mural Tour notes