Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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1165 Henderson Highway   

   This 2003 rendering was by Eddie Ayoub; with sponsorship by Take Pride Winnipeg. It was inexplicably painted over in June of 2010.

Original notes follow:

Eddie Ayoub: "This wall was referred to me by Take Pride Winnipeg; I received a call from Tom Ethans that Mark from Mar-Schell Music wanted to meet with an artist. Mark had very specific ideas for the design: he wanted people enjoying a campfire and singing along with guitars, with trees and a body of water in the background. I went home and worked on a sketch to get it approved. You've got to get these things sorted out with the client before you start the Mural."

"Mark had given me a handful of photographs. The idea was to have people of all ages and genders-different types of people all gathered together around a campfire. It was inspired by Mark's group of friends and family who would get together and informally and enthusiastically sing around the campfire. They called themselves Campfire Junkies and this is what they would do for fun, but I think they also perform for charity benefits and such. So I used the photos that he provided me with put likenesses of him and his friends into this campfire scene as the Campfire Junkies!"

"The Orange and Black colour palette is reminiscent of Halloween and here it really works for the campfire scene and I thought it would be visually more interesting to have that composition with the shadows behind everyone with a campfire in the middle as the light source. I wanted to get that 'together in the woods' feel on a moonlit night and starry sky."

"This was my first Mural. Even though these persons had seen my portfolio of artwork, I went into this project somewhat as an unknown quantity and that I felt I had something to prove and that I really wanted Mark to get a wall that he was happy with. I drew the little dog without a photo reference but it ended up being the right dog! I included some wildlife- little things that you might not see from the highway at first glance but are there to provide a little added interest for pedestrians and those who stopped to view it. Like the raccoons raiding the cooler!"

"There was lots of pedestrian traffic, which was great because the neighbourhood really seemed to love the Mural and they liked seeing it happen. I got a lot of compliments and encouragement from the people in the area. That wall had been a real target for scribblers and taggers and I mean nothing of any artistic merit whatsoever just an unsightly mess; so they're happy to see something creative and hopefully appealing."

"There were deep grooves between the bricks which made it a bit of a challenge especially when it came to doing the people's faces. I actually had a lot of help with my father coming out and painting in between the bricks and doing a lot of the fill for me. Another obstacle that we had was the day after we started, the city of Winnipeg sent out a construction crew to tear up the whole street sidewalk where we were working. So I was working beside jackhammers and cement mixers throughout! I certainly learned a lot during this project. I'm an artist that exhibits at shows; so this was a whole new experience- my first Mural. I enjoyed it and would definitely do it again!"