Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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2181 Portage Avenue   

This piece was rendered by Charlie Johnston, and in 2006 was ulitized as a 'storefront' display for The Vault Gallery. Sadly, it was removed in 2008 when the Gallery closed.

Original notes follow:

Charlie Johnston: "This piece, which I like to call 'Evolution' was part of the Cornice series I did for our opening exhibition here at the Vault Gallery, called 'Inside Out'. Sarah had done a series of pieces of internal imagery, looking out; and had a series of images about outside imagery looking in; as in using the cornices of buildings as a metaphor for something spiritual, and the barrier between the mortal and the eternal. In that symbolism, the building cornices were a representation of life on earth, man, humanity, that sort of thing; and the sky is representative of the afterlife or the eternal."

"This was the largest piece in the series, and for the exhibition, it was shown horizontally as an interior piece. I had always intended afterwards to place it vertically outside as an exterior piece. To me there was also the metaphor of the curvature of that vintage Confederation Building on Main Street (Ed note- 451 Main Street, located right at the point where Main Street bends, as does the building with it) was very much like the curvature of the human spine. When it was displayed horizontally it appeared to be rising up out of the ground, like something evolving. We often associate our evolution with our vertebrae. I saw that parallel, reaching up and some sort of meeting point with the blue sky, the energy of the spirit."

"The reason why I put it outside of our gallery is that I've always envisioned the outside of Vault Gallery as a Mural gallery: a show-space where works on panels can be exhibited, rotated, bought and sold to private or public interests or for exhibition elsewhere. This piece is kind of a bookmark for that whole idea."

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