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Colours on Corydon (5): Spain    Location Map

District: Fort Rouge

Neighbourhood: McMillan

Artist(s): Michel St. Hilaire, 2015

  Spain, Front of sculpture. One of 8 installed and sponsored by the Corydon Avenue Biz in 2015. This one is located in front of 807 Corydon. See map information for the 8 locations along Corydon.

Michel St. Hilaire: "I have chosen to highlight the wonderful Country of SPAIN. The great Spanish Artist Picasso, who created some of the worlds most famous and iconic paintings the world has ever seen, particularly influences me for a portion of this concept. Namely his piece entitled 'Guernica' which was a large painting that still to this day is one of the most controversial pieces of art. What I find very poignant is the fact that we have recently opened the Human Rights Museum, and this piece speaks directly to some of the injustices and disturbing realities that we should always REMEMBER about WAR. It has horrific outcomes and should be avoided at all cost."

"Of course the message is said through brush strokes and cubistic style detailing which Picasso is known for, the public will see it as a beautiful work of art with a message of peace."

"The top front of the sculpture will be crowned with their crest. A cross and a beautiful and ornate crown along with pillars and diverse patterns make up their crest."