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898 Westminster Avenue    Location Map

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Wolseley

Artist(s): Charlie Johnston

  This wonderful sign was completed by Charlie Johnston in 2006.

Bill Fugler (owner): "When I first met with Charlie, Will Eisner had just passed away. He did these comic strips that appeared every week, and the name 'The Spirit' would appear either made out of laundry hanging on a line or bits of paper washing down the gutter or something like that. That's what both Charlie and I were feeling for this design! Charlie actually drove around the neighbourhood checking out which buildings to use. All of the buildings here are in the neighbourhood, though of course they may not be exact replicas. A lot of the people in the neighbourhood can recoginize a lot of the buildings here. The 'I' is the tree- the Wolseley elm which used to stand right in the middle of Wolseley Avenue dividing east and west."

Other people had approached Bill and offered to do it, but he wasn't that enthusiastic about a mere graphic design: "It HAD to be about paint and you'd have to be able to see the brushmarkes and the paint splashed on. Charlie did an amazing job, and knowing his work I don't think I could have settled for anything else."