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943 Portage Avenue   

RENEW Art Project Murals site.

Location: N side bet. Banning & Lipton; vacant lot

District: West End

Neighbourhood: St. Matthews

Artist(s): Cheney Lansard, Franklin Fernando, Jessica Canard, Jeannie White Bird, Jonato Dalayoan, Kal Barteski, Kevin Celestino, Michel Saint Hilaire, Mike Valcourt, Nereo Eugenio II (Scenereo, Zorro), Storm Angeconeb, Xavier Mutshipayi

Year: 2022

Sponsors: City of Winnipeg, Cindy Gliroy (City Councillor)

Painters: Project Manager and Curator: Mandy van Leeuwen


Click here for West End BIZ Media Announcement at the beginning of the Project.

Click here for Bryce Hunt's terrific Free Press Front Page above the Fold and Page A4 coverage at the start of the Project.

All of the 12 Murals are 10' X 10' and the DIBOND canvases were installed onto 4 'cubic' 3 sided structures. In preparation for showing them here, one of the 3 sides for each piece was selected arbitrarily as an anchor piece, e.g. A1. The other two pieces on this 3 sided cube A2 and A3 are then encountered travelling clockwise around the cube. The lineup of pieces is as follows:
A1- Jonato Dalayoan
A2- Jeannie White Bird
A3- Kevin Celestino

B1- Franklin Fernando
B2- Cheney Lansard
B3- Michel St. Hilaire

C1- Nereo Zorro
C2- Stormy Angeconeb
C3- Mike Valcourt

D1- Jessica Canard
D2- Xavier Mutshipayi
D3- Kal Barteski

The general theme of this exhibit was RENEW. A special public gathering to celebrate the finished pieces was held on September 15, 2022. Within 1 week following this, the site was disassembled and the 12 pieces were placed into safe storage until available walls for each Mural are found in the West End in 2023.