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881 Main Street    Location Map

Location: NE corner Main & Euclid; South Face

Occupant: At Home Assertive Community Treatment

District: North End

Neighbourhood: North Point Douglas

Artist(s): Mandy van Leeuwen, Jennifer Johnson (Utopian Art Design)

Year: 2001

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!, Neighbourhoods Alive! (Manitoba), City of Winnipeg, Winnipeg Foundation


This Mural was part of the Neighbourhoods Alive led initiative in 2001 to beautify North Main Street. It was completed in 6 days, all freehand. Mandy van Leeuwen: " I'm not completely satisfied with this one. I wished we could have done more to it. We were given a buffalo hunting theme to work with. So we were going to have a scene with buffalo, and they've located the buffalo, they have the hunting gear the moments of the pre-buffalo hunt."

Their research indicated the use of leather hides for the saddle. Jennifer Johnson: "If you ever ride a horse bareback when the horse is sweaty, you will get hives or rashes all over. I really enjoy riding horses and doing the training aspect of it. When you have a real interest in your subject matter, your painting, rendering of it is so much better. Plus I really like the live subject."

"On the bay horse there's a red hand mark on it. The reason why that's there is I kept getting this one man who would come every day and kept telling us all these things we needed to put in there, and I would keep asking him how do you know this or do you have some research on it and he couldn't respond. But he kept telling us over and over we needed handprints on the horses. So we did this for him. Whether it's factual or not though is uncertain. I know a lot of the early Indians would mark their horses in distinctive ways when they were going hunting to signify ownership or what they were doing. But it was something we thought we'd throw in for him." Another resident of the area approached them to express his concern that one of the guys in the painting had a 'really big nose' and was worried that the girls thought all indigenous people had big noses. Jennifer: "So we asked him 'does that bug you?' and he said, 'no', and then he was fine with it, after we'd paid a bit of attention to his concern. Another gentleman living in the area came by to see us and gave us a bag, and in it were 4 cold cokes (it was hot). He seemed really appreciative of what we were doing there."

Mandy liked working on the grass portion of the scene and tried out a few different textures. Her distinctive style with trees (see also 205 Fort and 164 Stafford) can again be observed here at the left edge of the scene.