'2005: Year of the Veteran'

Selkirk Legion Mural, 2005; Selkirk Manitoba. "When I designed this Mural I had three elements I want to put in it: the Army Navy and Air Force. The one stipulation was that it was to represent Canada; so we have the Canadian Corvette. With the airplanes we have the Hurricane, Lancaster and Spitfire. In the centre I only had the black-white photo. I want to take this a step further than being just a typical Mural. I applied some colour theory and really applied myself."

"The ship, the men and the planes are all facing one way or one direction- to illustrate the commitment of the Canadians, their unified purpose. I took it the Army men and I framed them, basically by putting a circle around them. This puts extra emphasis and focus upon the men. The men and their sacrifice was more important than the machines of war that they used."